Simply Know About FTP Server(I)

FTP server, is widely applied by us as professional personnel of website and network maintenance. By this time let me post this article and show you what is FTP server and what is FTP for the most of newbies. Here we go, below is the concrete information.square steel tubing


FTP Server (File Transfer Protocol Server) is the computer or host which ensure to save file and access through internet. Meanwhile FTP is File Transfer Protocol (File Transfer Protocol).

Content of Service

Generally speaking, the primary purpose of user networking is to achieve information sharing, in which file transfer is a very important part of information sharing and also one of contents of information sharing.

It is not easy to transfer files early on the Internet. We know that the Internet is a very complex computer environment. There are PC, workstation, MAC and mainframe. According to statistics, there are tens of millions of computers connected to the Internet. These computers may run on different operating systems such as Unix servers, Dos and Windows PC and Mac. OS Mac, etc. The problem of file exchange between various operating systems requires a unified file transfer protocol, which is called FTP.


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