Get Free Stuff For Completing Surveys

Get Free Stuff For Completing Surveys!
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Earn Points Towards Gift Cards, Movies and other GREAT Rewards! (Starbucks, Best Buy, DVDs)
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Requirements to join:
– Must be 18 years or older.
– One account PER HOUSEHOLD or your account will be deleted and all funds forfeited.
– No proxies allowed. You must be on the IP assigned by your ISP.
– All Information in the registration form must be filled out correctly. If this information is not filled out completely and correctly you simply will not be paid.
– You must pass the telephone verification before payments can be made.
– Members outside of the US must have a verified paypal account in order to be paid.
– Members requesting money orders must have their addresses verified.

Rede eming For Prizes:
– In order to redeem for prizes just earn the amount of points for the prize you want and claim it. Prizes are sent 1 month after the month you claim it in.
– Min prize value is $10
– Request by March 31st and receiver your prize by the 5th of June.
– Prizes are currently mailed and also sent by email

There are completion Contests that are run throughout each month!




Site Description


As a member of BeerBux.com you get paid for completing offerz, surveyz, and referring your friendz to do the same! All you have to do is make sure you meet our requirements below and fill out a registration form!

At BeerBux.com our aim is to make it easy for everyone to make money using just a little time, a computer, and an internet connection. We have been around the internet for a while now and seen our share of failed money making schemes and scams. This is neither…you do work and get paid for it…it’s that simple! With new offerz being added constantly the earning potential is unlimited.

Current Contests

Random Ref Contest: When we reach member 200. A random number will be chosen between 81 and 200. The referrer of the members number that is picked will win $10. In order to be eligible that member must have completed at least one offer for the referrer to receive the $10. If the member picked is unreferred or has not completed an offer…another number will be chosen! So tell your friends!

Completion Contest : First member to reach $50 gets $10 directly to their paypal account! 2nd and 3rd get their prizes added to their account balance!

Referral Contest: From now till the end of October the user with the most referrals gets a bonus $15. 2nd gets $10 and 3rd gets $5. So refer away!

Congrats to dealbarbie, sparestash, and murfsmom for winning our September referral contest. They won a combined $30.

Random Contest:
Congrats to our member dealbarbie who won $5 for referring our 100th member!

You MUST meet these REQUIRMENTS to be a MEMBER:

  • You have to be 18 years of age or older
  • You have to be from the United States
  • You have to be the only member in your Household. All other accounts will be deleted.
  • You have to COMPLETELY fill out the registration form. Leave nothing blank. Your account will be deleted within 2 days of registration if you do not have all of your info filled in.
  • You have to be able to complete phone verification once implemented.

Anti-Fraud Policy

You must use real and correct information at all times in everything you do and complete at HappyOfferz.com and it’s advertisers. If you are found to have used false information at any point your account will be immediately deleted without pay. This includes completing the same offers on any other sites. Also if you are found to be using fraudulent info you will be reported to other GPT site owners so they can also check to see if you have used any fraudulent info. Do us and yourself a favor and DON’T USE FRAUDULENT INFORMATION.

A $2.00 ” New Member” bonus will be added to all new members that join!

In order to fill our #1 priority of complying with the poilicies of all the parties involved and to pay you more we have 1 level of referral commission at 15%.

Referral Bonus:

For each person you refer to the site that completes at least 1 offer worth 60 cents or more you receive $1.00 immediately to your account. All referral commissions and bonuses are immediately creditted to your account. No waiting until they cashout.


We have new contests at least every week as well as contests running for the entire month. Due to an increase in fraudulent activity during daily contests we will never run a daily contest. These used to be fun and a great way for members to earn money very quickly but many members abused this opportunity so we are not participating in it. In the near future if members prove trustworthy we may implement a bonus day as a reward.

Payment Information

  • Minimum payout for each month is currently $5. This amount is subject to change. Please do not request to have amounts lower than this paid out as you will be denied.
  • Members that request payout by the end of the month will be paid 35 days after that date. That is approximately 1 month and 5 days after the end of the cashout month.
  • Ex: Payout requested August 31st. Payout processed on October 5th.
    Cashouts must be made by 11:30 PM EST on the last day of the month to be processed in that months payments.

Payments are currently made by Paypal, to VERIFIED paypal accounts only in order to further reduce fraud. Please be aware that Paypal deducts fees from our payments.

Please only use Internet Explorer, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox to navigate our site. Failing to do so may result in your account being falsely reported for being fraudulent or you having multiple accounts. To prevent this please comply.

Email US: beerbux@gmail.com

Site Started: 09/01/2007 << We are Brand New and open to comments and suggestions.